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Caller Directed Voicemail

Six Sigma Ltd. is now licensing the mark  DirectVM.

DirectVM is a trade and service mark for a system or service from a licensed source that permits a caller to place a standard call or direct a voicemail to a called party.

 SixSigma Ltd. Has owned DirectVM since 2000.

Before DirectVM

Prior to DirectVM technology, a caller dialed the called party and would only have the opportunity to leave a voicemail if the called party did not pickup.  There are numerous occasions when it would be more convenient to the calling party if it had the option to either place a stand call OR select to record and send a directed voicemail.  That capability has only been available if the called party had two lines-one for standard calls and another dedicated to voicemail only messages.

DirectVM Overview

DirectVM technology permits the calling party to select whether to place a standard call OR to record and send a directed voicemail to a called party.  And this is accomplished with the called party having a single calling number-no requirement for a separate, dedicated voicemail line.

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