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Caller Directed Voicemail

DirectVM enables safety, efficiency and simplicity.


Texting while driving has become a serious safety concern. The Federal government and municipalities are in the process of limiting or outlawing this practise.

DirectVM technology provides the perfect  and safe alternative to texting.  With eyes on the road and hands on the wheel, the driver can command “DirectVM” and her smartphone or vehicle’s onboard communication system can record  and send a voicemail.  In addition, speech recognition technology can convert the oral message to text format to send to the called party.


There are numerous occasions when a calling party would like to leave a simple and quick voicemail message.  Prior to DirectVM, the caller would be forced to call the called party’s number, hope no one answered and then wait to be routed to voicemail.

With DirectVM, the caller has the option to select sending a directed voicemail message, saving time and frustration.


DirectVM can be implemented in many ways, including a simple smartphone app. By touching the app, the caller is sent to their contact list in DirectVM mode such that an oral message is quickly recorded and sent as directed voicemail to the receiving party.

Another option includes having a DirectVM icon appear alongside the receiving party’s telephone number.  Here, if the caller taps the receiving party’s telephone number, a standard call is placed.  If the calling party taps the DirectVM icon opposite the receiving party’s number, a directed voicemail is implemented.

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